About the Association

The Association is the leading voice and community for Peer Support Professionals (PSPs) in the state of Colorado, uniting individuals dedicated to the important work of peer support and recovery. Founded by passionate and experienced PSPs, the Association brings together a diverse network of individuals committed to the principles of lived experience, empathy, and empowerment. Our association serves as a hub for connection, education, and advocacy, ensuring that PSPs have the tools and support they need to excel in their roles.

Our Mission & Vision

At the Association, our mission is clear: to empower, elevate, and advocate for the peer support workforce. By fostering collaboration and growth within the peer support community, we aim to positively impact lives throughout Colorado and beyond.


We envision a future where peer support is universally recognized and integrated into the fabric of Colorado’s behavioral health care system. We aspire to foster a society that embraces the transformative power of shared experiences, where every individual in need has access to a network of compassionate PSPs.


Our vision is one of inclusivity, where the stigma surrounding mental health and substance use is dismantled. Together, we are building a future where every person's journey towards wellness is met with understanding and unwavering support, ensuring that no one walks alone on their path to recovery.

Our Values


First and foremost, we are people with lived experience. Our identities lay the foundation for peer support work, and our voices protect our peers from harm.


PSPs must act in fidelity to their role for peer support to be an evidence-based practice with positive outcomes. We empower PSPs to stand firm in their roles.


We provide role clarity and education about peer support to employers, state agencies, and health care providers as well as to PSPs themselves.

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